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Lake Macquarie Performing Arts Centres / Theatres

All hire is subject to the conditions of the relevant hire agreeement.
Occasional Use - The City's Performing Arts Centres will not be available for regular use to reflect the special purpose of theatre and performance spaces. Occasional use will be permissible up to eight (8) weekend bookings in any 12 month period.
Liquor sales or supply are subject to liquor licencing provisions.
Availability: 8am up to midnight.
Weekend hire is 5pm Friday to midnight Sunday.
Community Fee:
The discounted fee charged for not-for-profit community service organisations. It is not applicable for government organisations, schools, or other organisations that are funded for facility hire or derive an income from the activities.
Corporate Fee:
The standard hourly fee charged for all other bookings.
Cancellation Fees for all ACT Facilities:
  • for bookings cancelled with less than 48 hours notice - full usage fee will be charged.
  • for bookings cancelled with 48 hours to one weeks notice - 50% of usage fee will be charged.
  • for bookings cancelled with one to two weeks notice - 25% of usage fee will be charged.

Warners Bay

Corporate / Private


Corporate / Private

Speers Point Multi-Arts Place (MAP)


  • Inside opening hours 10am to 4pm or as negotiated with MAP.
  • Outside opening hours 6pm to 11pm, inclusive of clean up.
  • MAP spaces are booked hourly inclusive of at least 1.5 hours for set up and clean up.  Bookings are a minimum of 2 hours per hire period inclusive of set up and clean up
  • All hire allows access to the exhibitions.  Food and drink in the exhibition area is dependent on the current exhibition.
  • All catering required by the hirer will be organised by the hirers and approved by the MAP Facility Manager.  Caters must have a current food service licence and appropriate insurance.
Corporate / Private

Event Marquee