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Development Assessment & Subdivision

Application for modification of Consent for Local Development - Maximum Fee (EP&A Act 1979, S4.55, S4.56; EP&A Reg 2000, Cl 258)

  1. Modifications to a development consent to correct minor error, misdescription or miscalculation pursuant to S4.55(1) EP&A Act 1979 - maximum fee - $71
  2. Modifications involving minimal environmental impact pursuant to S4.55(1A) & S4.56 EP&A Act 1979. $645 or 50% of the original fee, whichever is the lesser.
  3. Other modifications to a development consent pursuant to S4.55(2) or S4.56 EP&A Act, 1979 not of minimal environmental impact is:
    (i)  If the fee for the original application was less than $100, 50% of that fee or,
    (ii)  If the fee for the original application was $100 or more:
    1)  In the case of an application with respect to a development application that does not involve the erection of a building, the carrying out of a work or the demolition of a work or building, 50 % of the fee for the original development application, and
    2)  In the case of an application with respect to a development application that involves the erection of a dwelling-house with an estimated cost of construction of $100,000 or less, $190 and
    3)  In the case of an application with respect to any other development application, as set out in the following table. Plus an additional amount of not more than $665 if notice of the application is required to be given under Section 4.55(2) or S4.56 (EP & A Act 1979).
Note 1:
Where an application for modification is made as a direct result of a council generated error, and accepted by Council as such, the fee shall be nil."
Note 2:
The fee will be $100, where an application for modification involves minor works that the Council is satisfied has minimal environmental impact and are generally described by the following:
  • Minor internal alterations to floor plans;
  • Relocation of windows or doors by not greater than one metre;
  • Addition of windows or doors that do not face a side boundary or within nine metres of a rear boundary;
  • An increase in the size of a window or door by greater than 10%;
  • A change in construction materials or cladding; or
  • An increase or decrease in floor height by up to 800mm.
Note 3:
An additional fee not exceeding $760 to which Cl 115(3) (EP & A Reg 2000) applies in relation to a modification of development consent when referred to Council's Design Review Panel.